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It does happen

Published by Charisma in the blog Maniacal Mysteries Untold. Views: 92

So like, I have two sisters: Mishaal and Asma. I'm greatly fond of my second sister, and we're like fighting, playing and talking all day long. We're very similar - we often wear the same colored dress without knowing it too! So she left for a 2-day shopping spree in another city. I was like happy, since she takes up a lot of my time and keeps eating my head all day long, so I was chill and glad. I was least bothered, and I thought that missing someone only happens in movies and since I'm all cool dude, I have nothing to worry about.

And she's been off for six hours and I'm feeling depressed. I don't feel like doing anything. My stomach hurts (only happens when I'm all bonkers), I feel moody and tired. I can't imagine another day without her. :eek: So yeah, for all I know - it does happen. I do miss her. But I solace myself by saying that she probably misses me too. Which is so awesome 'cause she deserves it for being a total pain in the neck. ;)
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