Kindle vs Sony...?

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My birthday is coming up, and I told my dad I want an ebook reader. He prefers that I tell him what to get rather than surprising me and giving me something I don't want.

The problem is, do I want the Kindle or Sony prs-350? I think I have decided to go with Sony. First of all, Norwegian Kindle buyers has terrible rights. However, kindle has internet... free at that. Which means I could just download straight from the store, and I'm under the impression that the Kindle store has a lot more books. Apparently the Kindle is also sturdier, but I've also heard the screen is extremely sensitive and easily broken? Kindle also don't have a touch screen as far as I understand.

The Sony prs-350 has no internet, which means I have to download on my computer and then put the books in. Not really a big issue though... probably a plus. If I know myself correctly, it wouldn't feel like spending money on the kindle, and I wouldn't think twice about spending any. Also, touch screen. Big plus. Sony can also read more formats, and as a buyer I have more rights since they are sold through Norwegian companies. The Sony is smaller too, which is nice. I've read it's harder to read on the Sony than the Kindle, but I've compared and can't tell much of a difference (though I do see it).

In the end, the girlish side of me ended up deciding. How is that?
Because the Sony prs-350 is PINK!!! IT'S SO CUTE! I WANT IT! NOW!!!!

*cough* So that concludes that I suppose... unless someone has something else to add?
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