Learning Something New

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It seems every so often I am learning a little bit more about myself and what I am capable of.

Having always been a person with many ideas and opinions, I hold my thinking to be supream...yet, it seems that all of the things which I am so passionate about, are the very things that I find myself opposing by example.

I am discovering that my head is full of illusions that are just unrealistic. My failure to follow my own guidance is a perfect example of that.

While, I am enjoying being the Robin Lynn that was so lost, I am learning to embrace new feelings and truths about myself which I never wanted to see. My, how unforgiving I am of my own-self.

Second chances are easier to give to others, yet quite arduous when looking in the mirror. I can say, that I have had the ability to judge myself and I now realize that the only way to move forward, is to accept all of who I am.

The heart is full of contradictions and what we want to be is seldom who we find. I really am a complicated woman, who enjoys playing and given to flight when I feel like it. No ties on my ankles as much as I want to be grounded...no desire to be sated as much as I long for satisfaction.

This is me, and as clever and predictable as I believe I am...Robin is only about herself. God help anyone who thinks they are strong enough to love me and hold me down. God, help me for being foolish enough to want it.
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