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Lore of exzalia, fable of the dragon child

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 188

There was once a powerful and ruthless dragon. It's terror being known through out the land of Grove, were ever it went it spouted destruction like no other. Many men had tried to vanquish the beast, but to no avail not warrier nor mage could best it in battle for it was not only strong, but cunning and cruel.

Out of all it terrorized it hated human kind the most, unlike the passive elves they, simply refused to learn thier place. Every once in a while an overconfident mage or knight or better yet a thieve, would sneak into his den. He killed all he caught yet still they came, challenging him. Finally he had enough, "I will drive human kind off my land with great fire and rath, that they may know that next to Origin, I am their master."

That night great terror struck the kingdom as a massive dragon as large as the storm clouds but with more fury, descended upon them. As he lay waste he was suddenly confronted by an old man. The man stood before him with out fear yet with no rage, "Fool! are you blind that you do not see who you challenge?" The dragon roared spouting flames with the brightness and heat that rivalled the sun.

The old man was unfazed. "Oh great serpent of fire and rath. Why do you terrorize human kind with such unforgiving ruthlessness?" The dragon scoffed. "When I was a hatchling you men would of gladly killed me for I was weak. But now that I am strong and it is you who are weak, you beg mercy?" It growled angryly.

"I see what you mean oh terrible dragon. But perphaps you should walk a mile in our shoes. Then you willl understand your folly."

"Enough!" the dragon roared, "I did not come here to disscuss philosophy!" It lunged for the old man in a blur, stabbing the sorry fellow with its talon. the dragon grinned, and suddenly magic! The body of the old man vanished into an insurmountable amount of eather, it swirled and coursed through the air all around the dragon. Suddenly a change! the dragon started to shrink, it's claws became fingers, it's horns hair. It shrieked in panic a cry of fear no dragon had ever uttered.

The great dragon had been turned into a small human child no bigger than a boy. He fled into the wilds and has never returned. There are many who search for him some to kill, others to study but to this day his location is unknown. He wonders Exzalia in the guise of a human, searching for one to break the curse. Oh dragon child who will have mercy on you?
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