Money Trouble

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Mama, Daddy please stop fighting over money
arguing day and night what to do.

Sometimes Mommy gets so mad she just has to walk away.

Daddy stands his ground not wanting to increase interest, but Mommy says they have too

Both can only agree on increasing the credit card limit

The fight is so loud , even if i cover my ears I can hear it.

Now my siblings are taking sides.

Some agree with Mommy, others with Daddy

the fight so loud the media comes to our house to.

I know Mommy and daddy fought, even over silly things like which light bulb to buy

but this is the worse yet

I know they will never stop fighting but i wish they could at least agree to disagree

If my family can figure away to save mommy then we'll be homeless

I don't care about mommy and daddy I just want all my brothers and sisters to stop fighting

I thought the blanket over my head cover my ears and tear escape wishing and pray

that mommy and daddy will compromise


Yeah if you don't get what this is about when you don't live in the USA

but this is my view in a childish form what the problem is like.
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