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My name is triple z, and I am addicted to NOT STAYING STILL

Published by zorell in the blog zorell's blog. Views: 68

So, I have beeen off for awhile, and I sincerely apologize to any that care that I was gone. To be honest, this is the forst time in seven days that I had access to a computer and didn't have homework to do:D Yay me :D Anywho...

In the last seven days I have:
>earned the fourth highest rank on my tennis team (of fifteen girls)
>confessed to my guy friend that I liked him, and my girl friend
>set these two up because they liked each other
>broke the two up because they were confused to begin with
>ventured twice into literary territory previously unimagined (to me)
>began another novela, and written nearly twenty full pages of it
>found my first ever fully written novel
>discovered I used to be crap writer
>discovered that I can take a pretty picture on purpose
>pulled my first all nighter
>decided that my former number one was not the tru college for me
>learned said college felt the same way about me
>picked up my old hobbies
>and won my first tennis match of the season!!!

I told you I was addicted to not sitting still :rolleyes:
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