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Night Song

Published by Cogito in the blog Cogito's blog. Views: 174

This was my entry in the first Writing Trinity poetry competition on the site, for which the challenge was to weave the words mahogany, dreaming, and afterthought into a poem. Although I did not win, I anm happy with the way the poem turned out.

The warmth of your body melts into me
musk and patchouli, your fragrance divine
a cinnamon afterthought wafts from your lips
I lie wrapped around you, at consummate peace
jealous moon watches from October skies
as the world of my thoughts is solely comprised
of mahogany skin, and caramel eyes

The tide of your breathing, a somnolent sea
A moan escapes you as dreaming you lie
You wake for a moment, and grant me a smile
then settle in closer and we both drift asleep
lonely moon watches from October skies
but the world of my thoughts is solely comprised
of your satin mahogany skin,
and your sparkling caramel eyes.
  • ChristiMac
  • Torana
  • Luminous
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