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First of all this is my first time on this site(it's also my first time posting a real blog that others can see) and I'm here because I love writing and I started most of my stories(L/SoG/U) a few years ago when I was about 12 or 13. Noodles In the Woods(you would have to know it came about to understand it, it's actually something funny that we joke about) is actually nonfiction because it's about me and my family. It's mainly recounting every funny thing or important thing thats ever happened to us(we've had some serious escapades). Parts of it will be split your sides funny, and others possibly tearjerking(depends on what all I include in the book). We are a family of four- my mom and dad, my older brother, and then me. I'm aslo the youngest in our entire family:mad:. This first started when I asked my mom for a mini netbook(I figured it would make more sense for them to buy a cheaper smaller pc that I could use now then wait a couple years till I graduate and buy me a big hunking laptop). She suprisingly liked the idea and we're going to get it at Best Buy this coming weekend :D. Anyways, after I asked her she got this funny look on her face and said she had a job for me(I had been asking about any jobs she might have for me to earn some money till I can get a job next summer). And then she pops out that she wants me to record anything funny thats ever happened in our life together :eek: the last thing I was expecting. So then I think about it and I mention that instead of just recording it all I could record it and then write a book about all of it. She liked the idea, so I decided to tell her about how I liked writing and everything, so the she liked the idea of a netbook even more. So now I have just about all the information I need, I also have a tape recorder so I can little 'interviews' with my family to get their take on certain events and the such.:D

So I'm gonna start as soon as I have the netbook, and I may post some chapters of Noodles on here, and also my other stories-Legion, Shades- and when I write more of it, Untitled.

Hope you all enjoy it when I finally have stuff put up, and I hope I can get some feedback on all of it too!

Signing Out-
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