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Have you ever did, read, watched (etc.) something that when you finished you became obsessed over that one thing. I have, hundreds of thousands of times. A recent obsession of mine was over the summer, I became obssesed of a show I loved when I was little called "The Magic School Bus" Over the summer I watched a bunch of random episodes then stopped for a while. Then in the winter I found that all the episodes were placed on youtube, so I watched them all and became very obsessed with them. It took me a long time to get out of the obsession.

Often, the obsessions show in my imagination, more specifically, the stories I come up with in my head. The book I am working on now called "The Animal Warrior and the Quest for the Sword" (It's a working title) is based on an obsession I have and still have for superheroes. Which, by the way, started when I was earlier in my life when I saw Disney's "The Incredibles" (2005 I think) Later I got obsessed with batman. And, mind you, it was the old tv show with Adam West and Burt Ward. So in my story, the main character got to know the dinamic duo. Unfortunately for book purposes I have to change a bunch of stuff that has been going on in my head for years like that.

Two other obsessions I had was and obsession over Harry Potter and Peter Pan. With Harry Potter, my imagination took me to a version of the story where I was his twin sister seperated at birth. And with Peter Pan, I have always imagined that I was his daughter (yes, I know, kinda naughty if you really think about it in depth)

Now, I have two other obsessions. I am still obsessed with the super hero thing but my mind is veering off to certain other stories. I am back to the "I am Peter Pan's Daughter" story/obsession. But I am also obsessed with a show called whose line is it anyway. For those who don't know, Whose Line is an improv comedy show that was/is (not sure which) on tv. I like it because I laugh my ass off when watching clips most of the time. Now, I keep having one of the guys who does it play roles in my stories. I also think improv comedy looks like fun and I'm thinking about trying some classes maybe later in the year.

Yes, I am weird. Yes, I can be a dork. But I don't care, that's who I am and I like it. The obsessions make the stories in my head and life more interesting.
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