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Published by Eoz Eanj in the blog Eoz Eanj's blog. Views: 141

I cried a salt-lake; in the corner of eyes,
a stinging chlorine, drying like uncovered gel;
blue-white, sticky yet sweet.
For that lesser (more) sea, some call love
others, imagination;
I strayed into, shoes, wool and all;
and struggled, against the rips and coils,
til the waves stripped me bare,
and lightened me, from the gravity
of a sunless, silk shore.
My neck frayed, two perfect slits;
and the murky water translated
my screams to sound- everything was clear,
like birth, as stillness .. "forever" ..
it is evaporating; the fish, the flowers are dying;
and between the sand and the surface,
I emerge (submerge),
as the salt encapsulates me, and I sting,
too much to move, too little to leave.
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