Oh the thrill of not knowing...

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I've actually got a plan for Fries and a Milkshake, but I've barely looked at it since I wrote it out. Novels alone are the one thing I can use my memory for. Maybe it's *because* expend so much brainpower on them, but while I have trouble remembering what I went into the kitchen for, or a simple fact from a textbook, or anything like that I remember stories. My own, in particular. I can still remember how I felt about writing this scene or another years ago.

Anyway, point is, I'm running off memory instead of plans - which were pretty vague anyway - for Fries, and it's getting to the stage where I have 20,000 words, but I'm quite alarmed about what comes next. :p (Oh hey, that's the code for this smilie!)

Basically, I've been telling two different storylines for the first "day" (No matter how much flashbackery there is, I run my timeline from the start point onwards, so even though both this story and Instant Noodles picked out days over months of timeline for the narrative to meander through, I'm saying Instant Noodles took place over 4 days, and this one will be over 5.) Of course my plan gets vaguer towards the end, but I'm worried about how Lin has plenty of stuff still to go, while Mora is running thin. I can't really justify putting off her parts from the opening any longer, though, since I've been writing the scenes to interlink, even though there's sometimes up to a month time difference between scene A and B. Mora's timeline is getting closer to Lin's, and more references to them are working in so the stories are drawing together. I'm pretty sure it all kicks off at their 3rd meeting after their 1st that opened the story, and a 2nd just to show they were still on the same planet. So I guess at the moment I'm writing toward the midpoint of the story.

But the scenes that have been propelling me onwards are all pretty much way past that. Grargh. Is this blog entry really just about me being impatient? No, it was helping me think about what I have to do next and later. I might not have mentioned it, but saying such things helped. :p

(I am impatient though.. So, so impatient! Writing character-based fiction is so annoying because there's no way I can jump ahead based on my pitiful knowledge of What That Character Will Know 40 Pages From Now.)
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