Oh What a Monday - Rated M for Mature Audiences Only

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I am determined to enjoy the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving seemed to just pop up this year. I spent the usual last minute race to find a gift for the host.

Due to lack of coinage I opted to take a bottle of wine from my friends ample stock of spirits. Turns out I was the only drinker in the bunch until I handed my stressed hostess a full glass to help her find peace in a loud and crazy crowd.

I suspect Christmas Day will be just like Thanksgiving, mildly bearable....oy, kind of like here, online with CWF.

Creative Writing Forums appears to be a monolith of computer programming. Surely, I ask, is it really possible for a few people to monitor every post on this site? If so, I want that job. I smile every time I think about how wonderful it would be to play a god of sorts.

Today I am the Goddess of my couch, a weary traveler who knows someone in trouble and an individual who enjoys making herself laugh. No matter if anyone else laughs along.

There are no little icons on this site for pointing at someone with my middle finger and I dare not say what I mean *******.*

Merry Christmas CWF Gods. God Bless you and your gods. Good day.

*I am not a bitter blogger but bemoan being baked by boys and birls.hahahahaha
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