Once More and Do you Know? (Poems)

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Hey guys, been writing on my lonesome for a while now, and havnt been showing it to anyone. The reason for this is I thought I'd take a little more time to hone my craft, but obviously my inquisitive nature has brought me back here, for I would like to know what you guys, namely, me peers that is, think of some stuff I've been writing recently. While I'm not looking for a critique, I would like to know what you think they mean, and whether you like them or not. Thanks in advance, I hope you guys enjoy.

Yeh I know whats wrong, i know i can't keep going on.

Yeh I know ive done it before, I've fucked up again im sure.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, I roll the dice,
Once more;
Me and her like an endless war,
Who the hell's keeping score?
Thrice, I think?
I need to sink, shut the door;
but still I throw the dice, till my heart is cold as ice.
This cursed vice,
me and melancholy like wood in a vice-
squeezing tighter and tighter, pressing closer and closer,
Each and every fiber,
breaking at the britches, unraveling at the stitches.
Twice, thrice,
Once more;
I cant take it anymore,
how she entices me, and i advance on her,
like vermin, stomped on mice.
A firefly whirling perilously around an enchanting fire-
It seems i never tire, stuck in this hopeless mire.
I try to tame, that crimson flame,
which burns inside me,
Divides me,
Presides over me.
Keep it from showing, the darkness within;
Keep them from knowing, this silent suffering.
But I cannot pretend, or defend myself,
Once more,
She calls out to me, taken by this alluring apathy.
In but a trice, spliced on my mind,
i need to unwind, sink below,
into that hallowed grotto,
where none can follow,
take it down,
keep on smiling,
Once more, Mr Sad Clown.

Do you know?
Do you hear the sounds that loft up from afar?
Floating here on an empty spec of dust,
the light that travels from those distant stars,
to bear witness to this instance.
These fragments of moments I try to write down,
capture in these words,
in language created by man, who once roamed these lands,
with great herds of wild beasts, until we emerged from beneath,
those unkempt cannopies,
deshevilled remenants of prehistory.
Back where her great majesty still grew untamed,
back when these lands were still unnamed.
Wanderers floating along the great green seas,
traversing the un-comprehendable vastness.
Secrets of moments past lost in that great abyss,
The boundless cosmos-
its furthest extremities unbeknowst to me.
The creatures of the heavens, that shine their light down below.
So many incarnations,
Incantations written in rhyming verse;
to ease this weary traveller,
in each and every stanza,
I find the truth in these moments,
in that great expanse;
Here I am,
living, breathing, feeling,
knowing what is to be alive,
be free of my subconcious mind,
and embrace all of nature and its beauty;
The tall oak tree's,
The bumbling bee's and babbling brook,
the gracefull giraffe and galloping gazelle,
the sweeping tundra, seeping under,
great stone castles that tear the skies asunder.
the crackling of thunder,
deep below I plunder to hear,
those sounds from afar,
hidden in the distant past.
These fragments of you and me,
to never be known and lost in history.
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