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Prompt: Piano
All eyes watched as the man’s fingers did their magic. Skimming over the keys, the man closed his ocean colored eyes. His broad shoulders shaking as he reached for farther keys. As he sped up, his silken hair started to sway, and so many girls in the large room swooned while most men scowled and rolled their eyes.

Vance leaned against a pillar, glaring at the piano player. His drink, which he thought was rather wimpy and surely not strong enough, was almost empty. His black hair was in its usual braid, but both Orchid and Priscilla had threatened him and his genitals if he hadn’t dressed nicer. So, now he leaned against a fancy pillar in stuffy clothes that had him feeling confined and itchy in places that really shouldn’t be itchy in public with no pretty ladies around to entertain him or to impress because they all felt the need to ogle some man who could play the piano.

“If looks could kill,” Tybalt said, walking over. Since he hadn’t come with threats over his head, his collar was open, as was the top of his shirt which might as well have been un-tucked. His golden yellow hair fell around his shoulders as usual, although his usual head band was gone, and his jade eyes sparkled under the chandelier.

“Go fall in a ditch Tybalt.”

“Please man. Me, you, and all the other men in this stupid dance room are all in the same boat. The entire women population in here is now going to compare us to Mr. Musical, and close to none are going to add up. So, us men are going to be stuck with each other until the girls forget about magic fingers over there.”

Vance grunted, but didn’t deny him. “I don’t get it. What’s great about him?”

“Women like guys that can play music. Especially if they got a singing voice or the piano. I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t think either of those are sexy.”

“Why are those sexy?” Vance grumbled, finishing his drink.

“I don’t know. Why are boobs sexy? Or lacey underwear?” Tybalt finished his in one gulp and gave Vance a lopsided grin. “Its just one of those things, and unfortunately a good chunk of the male population doesn’t have an ounce of musical talent.”

“Hardly. Just none of us have musical talent. I’m sure plenty of other men have some,” Vance said spitefully as the music stopped and a number of the girls swooned and the other number rushed to crowd around him as gracefully and daintily as possible.

“Same thing ain’t it?” Tybalt grinned.

Vance grinned back and glanced from him to the crowd of woman. “Let’s go refill our drinks Tybalt; Phillippe looks lonely and one glass of this wimpy stuff ain’t going to pull me through this horrible night.” Tybalt laughed and the two strolled over to the table.

Vance, Tybalt, and Phillippe are some mercenaries hired by the antagonist of my story to get rid of the protagonist. They obviously don't have an overly big part in the story, but I kind of fell in love with them. Though you don't get much of anything about Phillippe here. Orchid and Priscilla are just mentioned to give Vance some depth.
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