"It's just more teenage angst, I've seen it before..."

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And all phrases like it need to take a visit to Hades, I cannot take them ANYMORE:mad:NO MORE! NONE OF IT!

I understand that, yeah, we teens take things a little too personaly, blow some of it out of proportion, but humor us dangit! I'm so sick of people writing things off as "teen angst." Sometimes you just need to buff it withOUT trashing it, please. If you write us off now because "all we do is write angst" then we'll never grow wings. That's like looking at a crying baby and saying "oh, just more crying, they all do that," that solves (a word with three consonants and one vowel)!

Right now, we write some petty and sometimes driveling crap, but just give us hints on how to improve, don't write us off. That just creates more fuel for the angst you loathe soo freaking much.

Now, to calm down, I'm sorry if I have offended anybody, but I'm kind of sick of being subjected to overgeneralizations. So let me make something else clear, I'm not overgeneralizing, if you don't do what I'm refering to, then you're not the persons I'm talking to.

There:)I've said what I have to say, what do you have to say?
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