Should schools ban junk food? - A Pursuasive Essay

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Should schools ban junk food?

Obesity in children is an issue throughout North America and the habits that you
learn when you are young are the ones that you will carry through to adulthood.
However a 2001 general surgeon report that 14% of the American are obese. Eating lots of
sugary food makes students less than able to pay attention in class or perform well on
To begin with, school should set a good example of nutritious food for students.
This would fit well with nutrition curriculum in health classes. Parents should monitor
their child's diet, but while a students is away from their parents, the school should
function as a parent and do what is best for the students. And while parents cannot be
there to watch their student's meal, a school should be responsible of making sure that
those meal do not include junk food. Sometimes students will be attempted to smuggle
even if it is banned. Enforcing such ban would force the school to officially check
student's lunch boxes, lockers, and desks. This will harm students' privacy.
Schools could offer healthy options for there students in cafeteria meals without
banning junk food from the schools. The school districts facing smaller budget because of
state deficits relied on money from the vending machine and soda agreement. And junk
food is not bad in itself - In moderation junk food could be one of the healthy diet. The
surgeon recommended that the schools provide a healthier food options and restrict
acces to junk food in a vending machine.
I believe that we find it uneasy these days to let someone else to make a rule.
Parents should teach their student a correct way, and set an example by having a
nutrition and normal life style. When parents teach there children to their earliest age,
they will establish those habits naturally. If the parents limit junk food to their students at
home, this will help the students understand why. Teaching kids how to eat for a long and
healthy life goes beyong a bandaid approach to junk food bans in school.
Students can make practice making good choices and parents should guide them
through example and talking or explaining when they fail to make a good ones. The less
opportunity they have to do these, the more likely the students will not be able to know
hoe to make good choices of their own. This is a bigger issue for the health of the


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