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Something Crazy I've Realized about Humans...

Published by Link the Writer in the blog My First Internet Blog. Views: 377

So stupid me decided today to look at some social networking sites. BAD MOVE!! In summary: I've read at least a 30-minute long flame war in one such site where the combatants were the typical "I'M OFFENDED!" on one side of the ring and the "SHUT UP, SJW SCUM!" on the other.

That's when it hit me.

I've realized that the crazy goes both ways. The "offended" can be just as bigoted as "the offender" by assuming that everyone from the same group as "the offender" are all equally as horrible. And going out and labeling the entire group as bad makes them just as bad as the people who actually hurt them; plus the innocent being smeared for something they didn't even do might actually resent "the offended".

The interesting part is that "the offended" is so caught up in their own pain that they can't, or don't, realize that what they're doing is basically exactly what the "offender" did, only in reverse and based on pain. They take their anger out on people whose only crime was being born the same group as "the offender".

What's even more interesting is this: those who resent it might decide to just give up trying and be the horrible pricks "the offended" think they are. TV Tropes has a name for this: Then Let Me Be Evil. Just as it says, if someone thinks you're a monster and won't hear you out, why not just give them what they want? Why not just give them the monster they're looking for? After all, it's what they think you are anyway, it's not like they're gonna give you a chance to show that you're not a bad person.

Yet, by doing that, you prove to them that every suspicion they had of you to be correct!! By you being caught up in your own pain that you decide to just be what they think you are.

It's a vicious cycle!!

So you've got:

#1- The offender.

#2- The offended so blinded by his/her pain that he/she takes it out on people from the offender's group.

#3- Some members of that group get pissed enough to just go, "Fuck this" and be what the offended say they are.

#4- By doing that, those people prove to the offended what he/she likely suspects is true.

#5- See (1)

It's a vicious cycle.
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