The Monster In the Little Girl

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I was lonely before I was lost
before the dusk
before that day when strangers took my family away
walking through my home
rushing from room to room
they left me alive
only to spite me.

I'm still lonely, but I am angry
the thought of my parents pains me
The intruder's touch stains me
and I could never break free
So I kill to kill what's inside of me
something far down
where none can see.

It was thus how they saw me
when they opened the door
rocking back and forth
a ghost in the dark
with a shift to cloth me
pale and hungry
a slip of a girl
upon a pile of bones.

They stoned me

I cried

and called as I crawled
howling for death
and shelter from pain.
And among them, a lover
in the arms of her brother
whom i knew and remembered
among those who killed mother
those who left me smothered
hurt and abused
from him, I was accused

Brought low and broken
i tried to cry out
before darkness fell
and in hell, i rock
in hatred and pain
from the stains
of a childhood lost.
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