The (Only) Positives from Cheating

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Rain, rain go away! But it gives me an excuse to stay next to some guys:p

My guy friend and I were talking during my TA period. He isn't usually the first person I go running to when I have something important to talk about, but all the other friends I know cannot keep something to themselves, but when we talk he keeps it to himself. BUT he was there to listen to my guy issuse I've been having lately and we've decieded that my boyfriend is going to break up with me once I tell him that I cheated on him with 2 different guys, so why not make it a worth while break up and have some fun with this? It was his idea for 5 guys, but I refuse to be that slutty, so I'm sticky with an even number of 3 "incidents" instead of 2.

He and I surprisingly bonded over this whole thing and he never once hitted on me. He is one of the mesealy few that don't. And even though I told him that I'm basically a slut, he never judged me for it. I think I just found a new great friend because I had to tell someone about the guy from yesterday. Who knew cheating could lead to better friends?

This whole cheating stuff isn't good for my relationship with my boyfriend now or any of my future relationships, but for once it's brough my sister and I closer ever since the divorce. We talk about each of the guys, who's a better kisser (fyi its not my boyfriend), why I'm doing this and overall how my sister thinks I am going to hell for the things I've done. I'm not proud of what I'm doing but I'm a teenager I should be able to have fun and not be stuck to one guy for the rest of the year, but at least one positive thing has come out of it...

Tomorrow is field trip day to the San Diego Zoo for my AP Enviornmental class and I'm pleased to say I'm pretty stoked. Not only do I get to skip the day's classes and the no electronics policy does not apply, but I get to be partnered with the guy in my class I've been crushing on since freshman year!!:D And my two girls are going to be there too which makes this trip that much better.

Then it'll be Friday!! And the homecoming game will be amazing and the next day we have homecoming!!! And hopefully I'll be able to get my car back from the mechanic in the next few days.

Wish for no rain for me please!
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