The Valley

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The Valley
Nate Weil

"Thanks," I said gratefully, accepting his outstretched hand. I had wanted to be alone, just me and nature. But I couldn't refuse my old friend, and now I was glad I had his assistance.

I climbed up onto the rock, and sat down on the ledge. Sighing contentedly, I looked out over the valley. It looked like a miniature version of The Garden Of Eden, only in Mississippi. And we were the only ones who knew about it. Me and Lewis had found it when we were ahead of the camp, and decided not to tell anyone. And now that we were old men with nothing pressing to do, we frequented the place periodically.

"I never get tired of it," he said reverently.

"You and I both," I replied. "If Heaven is half as beautiful as this valley, I'll be happy there fore eternity."

The Sun slowly sank lower. The sky turned orange, the clouds a fiery red. And as the Sun slipped behind a cloud, a litter of sun rays were born and scrambled off their separate ways.

As the sky darkened, stars started populating it, honoring the two with their beauty, while the two greatest American explorers got up to go back home.
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