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The types of sentences, to be specific.

One of my reading habits is that I highlight sentences I like as I read. I don't know when I started to do that in the first place, but it proves to have helped me in my own writing. It makes me aware of the relationship between sentences and effects. And I'd just like to share my observations here.

Functional sentences: Transition, introduction, information. I think the key to crafting these sentences is by making the statement direct or interesting or both. (e.g. There was a girl in his room.)

Descriptive sentences: Sentences that plant an image or a quick motion in readers' heads. Action, simile, metaphor, description, and more. (e.g. Rushing down the stairs, my left foot kicked my right heel and I dived determinedly down like a starving eagle going after a rabbit, completed with outstretched arms and a charging screech.)

Impactful sentences: They are great for evoking high emotion. By delaying the impact till the end of these sentences, a writer is setting up a bucket of ice water for the unexpected readers. (e.g. I ended the call with a cheerful 'goodbye' and, putting my cell back on its charging stand, I realized that the screen has been streaked by my own tears.)

Personality sentences: Sentences that show a character's personality. (e.g. I swallowed my pride with a polite smile and contemplated the perfect angle to stab him later.)

Pleasure sentences: Sentences that please our ears and tongues as we read them. (e.g. I tried but failed to come up with a better example for this particular type.)

And the best thing is, you can combine these types into a single sentence however you want!
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