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Turn the other Cheek

Published by paperbackwriter in the blog paperbackwriter's blog. Views: 117

This will not be a theology lesson. But I rate the interpretation of the phrase very important. Much of my childhood and early adult life I took this phrase to mean "be meek, be passive, God will sort everything out."
And to some extent it actually worked. Well I mean I was hardly every bullied for instance . But looking back I was hardly ever taken seriously either. It became known that I was not a main player, more a spectator or anonymous extra in a movie. Playing lead roles was too exhausting anyway. You had to focus too hard and learn long lines. I preferred the outsider's occasional witty interjection, only most people didn't think I was very witty.
I listened to Jordan Peterson recently. He said there is actually a lot of conjecture over the meaning of "turn the other cheek". Looks like we were totally misled, misinformed. Peterson said something to the effect that we need to adopt a zen like "be ready for battle, but rarely draw our sword". (sorry he might have said something slightly different, just that is what I remember).
Whatever it means, it doesn't mean "passive".
Knowing what this phrase really means can surely help Christians and society in general, make good decisions, when tension arises between us.
I think good advice is not reacting to aggression with aggression . Stick to mature decent language even if its tempting to say "**** you!" Now that is hypocritical for me to say that I admit.
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