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TWO! AM and Writing again!

Published by solarstarrkatt in the blog solarstarrkatt's blog. Views: 71

It feels good... so good... like eating after thirty hours of famine... thanks Josh, I nearly got in a fight in a church twice.:rolleyes:
So, I'm writing that Total Drama fanfic I promised-only a couple of problems. Its on Quizilla, for one (under yoshigonhup, because I gave Max solarstarrkatt) (I promise a transfer ASAP!) and another, someone already wrote a Total Drama High School fanfic. Ah, well, High School was the best idea I had. :p Did you want something like, "Total Drama Vampires"? Cool idea, but no, I couldn't. What would they do? Now, high school... hehehe... evil, very evil, possibilities.
And the third problem: It is a series, maybe a long one at that, because there are eighteen people-seventeen now (I wrote to the first elimination ceremony)- and a ton to do. So, if someone can help me with serializing it, I would be eternally grateful.
My eyelids, they feel the need for sleep, but the rest of me urges to write, now that I got my motivation back. I think I'll shower, then sleep. I think. I don't know.
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