Warning: May be offensive to some.

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Here I hang
Nailed to the Virgin-Born throne
A crown upon my head
I am King of Thorns

And forever more
When thy family breaks bread
Remember, I gave my life
So that He may forgive

Now count thy sins
Give thanks for thy blessings
Fall not into temptation
Less thy become the Devil's plaything

Before thou slumber
Pray for thy salvation
For I, King of Kings
Judge the for damnation

I am Christ
I am the Virgin-Born
I am Deceit
I am King of Thorns

I wrote this piece a while back. The subject isn't usually something I would go into, for the sake of not being a nay-say-er to any religion, but I am an Atheist and I do have my own beliefs about the conflicts of logic and Christian religions.
I'm sorry if it offends you. I did not mean it as a personal attack on anyone.
Please let me know what you think!
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