When affection deceives us!

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Suddenly one day, we notice there is an affection was born in our heart towards someone. As human beings who are highly affected by emotions, we start to follow this affection to that person. We start to like talking to him, having conversations with him and getting closer to him. As a result, We treat him differently in the way we talk to him and the way we act and interact with him. We start to like everything about him and we start to enjoy every single moment with him. As soon as we spend more time with him, we notice the growth of this affection in our heart towards him. The more this affection grow is the more we become interested in getting even closer to him. However, life is a full of surprises, as soon as time opens up our eyes to the differences between us, we realize the incompatibility between us. We feel we were deceived by this affection. We find ourselves in a new position. We either walk away after all the affection we had for him or we walk with him after all the incompatibility we have realized by him!
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