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Why I Write.

Published by Zargata in the blog Zargata's blog. Views: 157

Literature. Oh Literature! You are a cruel mistress!

But what is literature? I wrote an essay on the subject, but even I don't know what it is. So when attempting to become a writer I run into a serious problem. Since I don't know what literature is, is it possible for me to be a writer? I really don't know.

All I know is that I am not currently a writer, a dreamer maybe, but not a writer.

But I am going to take a moment and quote myself. It's from my essay called, "Why Literature?"

"Perhaps the only way to explore this topic further is to explain my relationship to literature. Having the unfortunate pleasure of being illiterate until the age 10 left me with a understandable disdain for the subject. I never read any literature at all, and felt it was just something that I could live without. It wasn’t until my drama class in high school that I performed a scene that lightly mentioned the book The Catcher in the Rye. It was an important moment in both the scene and in my life. For this was the first time that literature sparked any kind of wonder in me. Although it was a waning feeling, the book title was lodged into my brain as something I needed to understand. Some years later I went to the bookstore with idea of finding something that would inspire me, and in a flash memory, I remembered that flame red carousel horse that graces the cover. That first edition copy changed how I felt about books. I read it cover to cover. I loved the way it look, the way it felt in my hands, and the odd musky smell that reeked from it. The story, in a sense, told the story of my teen life, making me relive every blunder, the emotional turmoil and the independence I craved. It told a story of the universal teen experience, and what we have all gone through in that troubling time. From then on, every new year’s resolution has been to become more literate, for I now want to find books that challenge me to go deeper into my own experiences in life."

So this is also why I write now. I have experiences I wish share. Ideas and feelings that I feel are worth knowing. So with a little luck, I plan to begin this metamorphosis into being know as a "writer".
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