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5537 Ferr

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Aug 11, 2017
Jun 14, 2017
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5537 Ferr

New Member, Male, from London

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Aug 11, 2017
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    Home Page:
    Favorite Writers:
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    Juan Rulfo
    Alfred Jarry
    George Orwell
    Jean-Paul Sartre
    Immanuel Kant
    Charles Dickens
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    etc etc
    Favorite Books:
    the animal farm
    the supermale
    great expectations
    Favorite Quotes:
    “Call me whatever you like; I am who I must be.” Friedrich Nietzsche
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Unspecified
    Primary Genre:
    General Fiction
    I am a visual artist. I work in painting, Photograph, Writing and Video installation. It is what I like to do and can’t stop doing.
    Below the surface, however, I would describe my self and my work as the need to illustrate my surrounding environment and what I witness in these contemporary challenging times.
    This urge has been with me my entire life and is the major reason of producing work since I was in high school, when I took lessons in oil. This Impulse has been in control of me since.
    Is been the motivation for travel the world and live in different places, the driver behind my self-education. Originally from Chihuahua a northern city in Mexico.
    My work is a challenge to separate the normal thinking, the assumed idea. And the subject, conceptual or not, matters as a defining case.
    This is not to propose a qualified philosophical interpretation but a desire to create a different understanding of the common idea.