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Mar 31, 2020
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April 12
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    April 12
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    General Fiction
    I’m not all that great at writing, but for some reason it hasn’t really stopped me from doing it all these years. I have so many ideas and absolutely none on how to communicate them. I’m hoping that being on this forum will teach me better ways to write.
    Things I am good at? FASHION, crocheting, knitting, baking, graphic images, taking care of bunnies, and drinking too much caffeine.
    Things I’m okay at: Drawing and gardening.
    Things I’m bad at: Singing, driving, and waiting patiently.
    And lastly, things I wanna do in the future: voice act, write poetry, stories, and maybe movies/shows, work in the fashion industry, and live in a big comfy house (not big like mansion big, but maybe big it has two bathrooms big).
    Thank you if you read all that!
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