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Jan 29, 2013
Dec 26, 2012
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Student (hopefully an author!)


New Member, from Colorado

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Jan 29, 2013
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    Student (hopefully an author!)
    Favorite Writers:
    Chuck Palahniuk, F Scott Fitzgerald, George R.R. Martin, J.K Rowling (Harry Potter nerd and one of the few who compliments her new book on her writing mainly) and if muscians count as writers: Kurt Cobain and Josh Homme... Sadly, not a fan of Steinback.
    Favorite Books:
    The Great Gatsby, The Simillarion, Choke, Fight Club, Harry Potter series, The Illiad (been a while since I read it) The Merchant of Venice, American Psycho, and anything I wrote
    Favorite Quotes:
    "I am simply swimming in the wake of all society’s misdemeanors, without satisfaction for my arrogant self, without remorse for the people’s life’s I trend upon, or my family name I have dismantled and simply folioed with my education and passion I have for deceit. I am not the bottom feeder of this world; we all are doing it ourselves." -me

    "Of course this is happening in your head, but that d
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Atheist
    Political Views:
    • Liberal
    Are You Published?:
    My name is Andrew Spencer. I am an aspiring author and I have been putting the pencil to the paper ever since I was the young age of five. Creative writing is my passion and I believe it is one of the few things I happen to excel in and also enjoy. I am still learning (as many of you can view with this lackluster biography) but I am determined and hope my life can revolve soley on making books.

    Chuck Palahniuk and F. Scott Fitzgerald are two of my greatest inspirations, which Chuck's clever and witty voice and crazy plot lines and Fitzgerald's remarkable adaption to scenery, I fell in love with reading their books.

    I like to credit myself on my "voice". I love to jump into my current character and pretend I am putting on a mask and just jump right in.

    I write an array of stories from fantasy series like Lord of the Rings and A Song of Fire and Ice to short stories in the first person with a narrator who may be arrogant or truely breaking down.

    I am a fan of twists, but not overly the top. I enjoy keeping a "tempo" so to speak for the writer to follow but add elements that make it skip a beat or even several.

    Friends of mine say I should pursuit my dreams and have greatly made me strive to move forward, but I still have a lot to learn.

    So maybe it's time for me to stop being such a recluse and ask other aspiring authors in the world for insight, ways to practice and most of all, honest criticizm in a writer's perspective.

    I'd rather be told I'm absolutely dreadful at writing then people to say I rock and then realize I am no where near full potential.

    I'd love to hear all of your stories, in any shape, size or form. I wish only to learn and two writers (or in the case of the cyber world) one- million writers is always better than one

    Writing! (Duh hehe) Meeting new friends, loving girls (I am kind of a heartsick freak) and exploring new places and living life!