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Dec 2, 2011
Nov 23, 2011
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New Member, from In a land of Cheese

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Dec 2, 2011
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    In a land of Cheese
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    Hello. I'm brand-spanking-new here and diligently working on these requirements given by Bonzai so I can post my work:
    -have been a member for fourteen days (7/14)
    -have made twenty posts on the forum overall (9/20)
    -provide two constructive reviews of other people's work for each piece of their own that they wish to post (0/2)

    I'm a fiction writer. I intrigue by fantasy and supernatural so it's natural that majority of my work revolves around magic, elves, ghosts, etc. Unfortunately I started many stories, but only finished less than a handful :(

    Besides writing, I doodle sometime too. A few my artwork is on

    I'm also an active RPG-er. I have a few going on other websites, such as,, so forth.

    If you're interested to chat or drop a hello, feel free to do so. I'm glad to be here!