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Dec 28, 2013
Sep 16, 2013
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Feb 16, 1996 (Age: 21)


New Member, Female, 21

Attempting to write and being distracted by looking up forums on how to write... Sep 17, 2013

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Dec 28, 2013
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    Feb 16, 1996 (Age: 21)
    Favorite Writers:
    Brian Jacques, Edgar Allen Poe, Scott Westerfield, John Green
    Favorite Books:
    Leviathan, The Man in the Iron Mask, Goliath, Behemoth, This Dark Endeavor, Fly by Night, Redwall series, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, The Watchmen, Looking for Alaska, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    Favorite Quotes:
    Don’t tell me the moon Is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass-Anton Chekhov
    I'm Giselle!

    I'm an artist and a writer in my senior year of high school. I intend on going to college for some kind of art degree.

    I love playing with words, usually old words or older ways of writing because I'm a weird nerd who likes to listen to audiobooks of stuff like the Man in the Iron Mask and such

    I like writing fiction. Usually some mix of science fiction, horror, fantasy, or other supernatural type of thing, and of course, romance! Trashy romance specifically.

    I did spend a large portion of my earlier teen years writing fanfiction which I implore you not to read...please...it's really bad...

    My senior project is currently to write and illustrate a graphic novel. It will be sci-fy/light horror.

    I'm a bad procrastinator and easily distracted...And with that in mind I'll add more to this when I think of things I suppose!

    (I have a tumblr but even after reading the rules I'm not sure it can go here so I'll just leave it in my signature!)


    I make visual art too!