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Apr 25, 2017 at 1:33 PM
Mar 7, 2013
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retired, from many jobs that paid the bills -


Contributing Member, Female, from Scotland

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"87% of all internet statistics are made up on the spot" - Mark Twain (Chris Coughlin) Nov 14, 2014

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    retired, from many jobs that paid the bills -
    Favorite Writers:
    golly - just as they trip off the brain - Kage Baker, James Welch, CJ Sansom, Terry Pratchett, AB Guthie, Mark Twain, Joe Abercrombie, Margaret Elphinstone, Fred Gipson, Mary Stewart, Wayne Johnston, Robertson Davies, Iain (M) Banks, Elmer Kelton, E Annie Proulx...ad infinitum. These are all authors whom I liked well enough to read most of their books.
    Favorite Books:
    The one I wish I'd written myself? Surprisingly maybe, but it's Old Yeller. A perfect coming-of-age story, told in a very convincing voice, and set in a particular time and place, with accurate historical detail to frame the story. It's not a children's story, really.
    Favorite Quotes:
    My latest favourite:
    "The world is made up of four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is a fact well known...it's also wrong. There's a fifth element, and generally it's called Surprise." - Terry Pratchett

    ""Your right to swing your arm ends where the other guy's nose begins." - my Dad

    "Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD." - me
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Atheist
    Political Views:
    • Very Liberal
    Are You Published?:
    Born and raised in Michigan, but have lived in Scotland since 1986, when I married a Scottish man. We are still married.

    I have a BA in English, and have been an avid reader all my life.

    reading and writing, traditional music, drawing and painting, botany and zoology, social history, local, national and world politics, geography


    A prologue is an episode that pertains to the story but does not include the hero (or includes the hero at a time well before the story proper begins, when he's a child.) A prologue can establish why things are as they are in the world of your story, and why a character is the way he is when the main action begins. - Jeff Gerke, author of Write Your Novel In A Month

    ...usage advisers tend to go for overkill, adopting a kind of zero-tolerance principle: that if students or novice writers do something too much, or if doing it sometimes gets them in trouble, they should be told not to do it at all. It is right and good, of course, to instruct students and novice writers in how they might improve their writing. But handing them simplistic prescriptions and prohibitions is not doing them any favors. - Geoffrey K Pullum -Language and Communication 102 (vol. 26, no. 2, June 2010), 34-44.

    A novel isn't like an essay or a research paper, where you should prepare the ground for every fact and ensure that the reader understands the whole picture as you paint it. Mystery and confusion in a novel are good things.ChickenFreak (yes, ours!)
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