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retired, from many jobs that paid the bills -


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    retired, from many jobs that paid the bills -
    Favorite Writers:
    golly - just as they trip off the brain - Kage Baker, James Welch, CJ Sansom, Terry Pratchett, AB Guthie, Mark Twain, Joe Abercrombie, Margaret Elphinstone, Fred Gipson, Mary Stewart, Wayne Johnston, Robertson Davies, Iain (M) Banks, Elmer Kelton, E Annie Proulx...ad infinitum. These are all authors whom I liked well enough to read most of their books.
    Favorite Books:
    The one I wish I'd written myself? Surprisingly maybe, but it's Old Yeller. A perfect coming-of-age story, told in a very convincing voice, and set in a particular time and place, with accurate historical detail to frame the story. It's not a children's story, really.
    Favorite Quotes:
    My latest favourite:
    "The world is made up of four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is a fact well known...it's also wrong. There's a fifth element, and generally it's called Surprise." - Terry Pratchett

    ""Your right to swing your arm ends where the other guy's nose begins." - my Dad

    "Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD." - me
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Atheist
    Political Views:
    • Very Liberal
    Primary Genre:
    What Do You Write?:
    • Novels
    • Character Development
    • Conflict
    • Dialogue
    • Word Mechanics (SPAG)
    Why Do You Write?:
    I write because I have always loved to read, and have always loved 'making up stories.'
    Are You Published?:
    Born and raised in Michigan, but have lived in Scotland since 1986, when I married a Scottish man. We are still married.

    I have a BA in English, and have been an avid reader all my life.

    reading and writing, traditional music, drawing and painting, botany and zoology, social history, local, national and world politics, geography


    A prologue is an episode that pertains to the story but does not include the hero (or includes the hero at a time well before the story proper begins, when he's a child.) A prologue can establish why things are as they are in the world of your story, and why a character is the way he is when the main action begins. - Jeff Gerke, author of Write Your Novel In A Month

    "A pronoun refers back to the next previous logical noun" - J.D.Ray (yes, ours!)
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