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Jan 5, 2012
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writer, doctor, artist


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Those bionic enhancements won't pay for themselves... May 6, 2017

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    writer, doctor, artist
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    Haruki Murakami
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    Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
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    “Gender is not a binary, it is a hierarchy. It is global in its reach, sadistic in its practice and murderous in its conclusion." Lierre Keith
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    Yes, Tradition
    Don't ask me about my gender. I'm a woman, my sex is female.
    Gender is a collection of arbitrary social stereotypes, a list of opposing qualities divided into "masculinity" and "femininity", which are used to oppress females on the basis of their biological sex. Sex accurately describes 99.98% of the human population. Gender is a fantasy continuum between Barbie and GI Joe and as all stereotypes, accurately descibes no one.


    Her breasts, free-wheeling ecstatically unconstrained by a bra, were visible through her obscenely tight shirt. As she strode seductivelly, swaying her hips, the nipples looked at each other in a sort of mammary convergent squint she knew would make men wild.
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