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Ocean Seven

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    June 17
    Favorite Writers:
    Scott Adams (Dilbert)
    Dmitri Glukhovsky (Metro 2033)
    kakifly (K-ON!)
    Oh! Great (Air Gear)
    Dan Brown (Dreamland series)

    And many, many more.
    Favorite Books:
    The Looking Glass Wars (Amazing book by Frank Beddor; "The base is that the two books written by Lewis Carroll is a distortion of the 'true story' portrayed in these novels.")

    Name of the Wind and Black Cross, two story-in-a-story novels. The first is fantasy, and the other is about WWII, related to Operation Overlord and Nazi Germany's possible use of Sarin and/or Soman nerve gas on the invasion troops.

    See Fav. Writers for examples.
    Favorite Quotes:
    Whoever thought spontaneous World Peace was a good idea clearly was dropped at a young age. (My own personal quote.)

    Communism isn't bad. It's the people who experiment with it that make it bad. (Another one of my own, because the idea of True Communism is the best style of government possible. Sadly, mankind is greedy, so we in the West see Communism as bad.)
    Are You Published?:
    -Member of DeviantART and Writing.Com.

    -I've been writing for roughly eight years

    -I write mostly on one Project, although I write in random order. Several of my other projects that weren't supposed to be part of the main one, Project One Man War Saga, have become canonized into it though the sheer fact of how long Project OMW goes on for, leaving tons of room to insert dates and fuse elements together. Examples include:

    Project Modern Zombies; Although it is sitting on the fence, it is for all intents and purposes, part of Project OMW timeline, and happens in the first century of the 2000s.

    Project K-Core:
    Kretchovski Core: Sins of Humanity; Originally a completely separate story, my obsession with fostering my little feeble ego got the better of me, so I am in the story, which opened up some thoughts about a link. The K-Core Uprising is now officially part of Project OMW history, and occurs in the mid to late 2800s, with the current start date being 2864. (Backstory in there dates back to 2080, when the Russian Federation underwent a massive rebuilding.)

    World War III and World War IV; at first, these were playful filler ideas, but with the advent of a new piece of military technology I devised, the Interdictor Series of Airbourne Fortresses, World War III found its grasp on official timeline. World War IV followed shortly afterwards, and is now influential for Project K-Core's plot.

    4014: Black Dawn; This was a little playful alternate reality based on Project OMW- that became official reality. It showcases the state of affairs Pure Planet 14 (Earth) is in, two thousand years after the end of the Third Great Defensive War (2014) and the fall of the IBAE. Directly related to events occurring at the same time as Project K-Core, around the time the United Universal Government tried to make contact with Earth- with lethal results. Since that fateful day, the UUG has gathered forces, and a thousand years later is hell-bent on exacting revenge.

    Black Dawn, I have to say, could not have been possible had I not created the Aerospace Combat Vehicle fleets I have. Without the omnipresent SwarmCarrier, I could not have caved in and changed the scale of combat, and thus would not have had the ability to destroy what I did.

    On another note, Black Dawn showcases probably my largest set of revelations, cropping up several surprise twists related to some important characters, some I hadn't done at all since Age 3000- which had one big twist that only someone who knew me well could have predicted.


    Books, Anime, Working for four hours at a time only to gt two sentences done on a backstory that's supposed to span five billion years...



    In honor of 18 brave souls who gave their lives at John F. Kennedy Space Center in 2039.
    -Plaque outside JFK Space Center commemorating those who died there defending the Center from a 72-hour long invasion by zombies.

    In memory of Legion General Second Class Snpr Mk.VII. Pain ends at death's door, but Memory is forever. Semper Meminerimus, Aeternum Meminerimus. Let Us Remember Always, Let Us Remember Forever
    -Plaque in every ACV, remembering the loss of Snpr Mk.VII in 2014 at BioAndronia.
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