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Feb 28, 2022
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Spiritual counselor and mentor, singer-songwriter


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    Spiritual counselor and mentor, singer-songwriter
    Favorite Writers:
    Tolkien, Madeline L'Engele, Katherine Applegate, JK Rowling, Orson Scott Card, Orwell, James Dashner, Scott Westerfeld
    Favorite Books:
    Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion, A Wrinkle in Time, Animorphs series, Harry Potter, Enders Game, Maze Runner, Pretties
    Currently Reading::
    Homer, Farenheit 451
    Primary Genre:
    Shalom, Peace, V'Zohar, and Radiance. I'm a singer, songwriter, poet, and novelist currently hard at work on songs, poems, and my epic fantasy novel Champion of the Light, first in The Color Realms Saga.

    I'm a student of science, philosophy, literature, culture, history, and the human condition, and religiously speaking primarily Hasidic-Judeo-Christian-Zen-Jedi, which is the 'religion' of peace, love, harmony, healing, song, spirits, angels, powers, wisdom, mysticism, care for the environment, enlightenment, and space exploration.

    Poet writer, inspired fire, forging Rings, forever sings, Lights to Nights, dancing fights, shining Knights, reaching heights,

    Deep in His seas, feeling Their breeze, receiving Her keys, thawing His freeze, up to the Stars, past even mars, flying race cars, we are the Czars.

    Fighting against dark swords with green quill of light, defending from Shadow Lords throughout the night.

    Singer-songwriter ringing Her brighter, Kings' of the spider, know I'm a fighter, peace and unity on planet Earth, global community now She's rebirthed.

    Begging killers to lay down their swords, learn from the Pillars to just use our words, heal Mother Earth from dark of the night, build a new hearth in brand new sunlight.

    Seeking our promised destiny travel above, writing His Word expressively, full of Her love, explore new Galaxies speed among stars, brand new realities world's of afar, Universes touching and seeing beyond, with Power Zohanaa's shining light wand.


    Forever the seeker, forever a speaker, now much more strong, and singing my song, fighting my way, and living the day.
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