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Rafael Chaos

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Feb 7, 2010
Feb 7, 2010
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Rafael Chaos

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Feb 7, 2010
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    Favorite Writers:
    David Eddings, Christopher Moore, Garth Nix, Terry Pratchett
    Favorite Books:
    Belgariad Series, Malloreon Series
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Christian - Other
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    Are You Published?:
    Yes, Tradition
    My first piece of published work was a small poem entitled 'the greatest animal in the world' in a small collection of poems in a book called 'little lauriettes'. It was part of a competition my primary school hosted which i entered and was a winner of, the reward was my poem being published, and at the age of 10, a feat i was most proud of.
    I have always had a passion for writing, being most happy when I was writing an epic tale of a man whose life is transformed into an explosion of mystery and deception. I mostly focus on fantasy stories, as that was what I was brought up on, loving nothing more than to bury myself in a thrilling story of magic and dragons.
    As a child I was forever writing stories (of which were never finished) and quickly gained a love for english and I always looked forward to my english lessons in school. I also built up a love for photography as my childhood home was located on the south coast of England, so much so that i had the most unimaginable view of the sea from my house. This gave me all the wondrous picture oppertunities I could ask for.
    As well as all that, I adored the stage. Be it watching a play at the theatre or acting myself in an amateur play put on by one of the small drama schools i was in. I played Buttons in a comedy version of 'Cinderella' and Jesus in my schools, very serious my I add, production of 'Passion of the Christ'. I always dreamed of being a fsamous actor in ym youth, retiring in my fifties to write the stories I always had flying around my head. Very ambotious I was as a child. Weren't we all?
    And that pretty much covers the literature aspects of my lfe (so far.) I hope you enjoyed it.

    writing, reading, playing saxophone, music, cooking, acting, photography