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Mar 18, 2013
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Student/retail management


New Member, from Wisconsin

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Jun 6, 2013
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    Student/retail management
    Favorite Writers:
    George Orwell, Orson Wells, and whoever wrote All Quiet on the Western Front.
    Favorite Books:
    All Quiet on the Western Front, 1964, Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, Teeth of the Tiger, The Host
    Favorite Quotes:
    I sat on the bed. I looked at the Rorschach blot. I tried to make it look like a spreading tree, shadows pooled beneath it, but it didn't. It looked more like a dead cat I once found, the fat, glistening grubs writhing blindly, squirming over each other, frantically tunneling away from the light. But even that isn't the real horror. The horror is this: in the end, it is simply a picture of empty m
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Christian - Other
    Political Views:
    • No Preference
    Are You Published?:
    Yes, Self-Published
    I'm a full time student, manager, and when I'm not doing that I'm a boyfriend and a father.

    My true passion lies in writing, and someday when you go to the movies you will see that it was based on one of my books.

    I'm self published right now, but soon I'll be starting my own publishing company and selling my self manufactured books to retailers to retailers that currently carry my createspace edition.

    That's about it. My only purpose in life is to create a tragedy that will live on through the ages. The rest is just filler until my story is heard and death claims me.

    Writing, drinking, Staring out the window of the six floor of the Campus library and wondering what scares people more. The thought that they might fall from this height, or that they might jump.


    I have no ambitions nor desires. To be a poet is not my ambition, It’s simply my way of being alone. - Fernando Pessoa