Alain Robbe-Grillet on form

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  1. peachalulu Robbe-Grillet On Several Obsolete Ideas&f=false

    "Was reading an essay by Grillet on form and thought I'd share a few bits. It's really interesting to see another perspective after Elizabeth Bowen, especially if you know how avant-garde Grillet is. While Bowen's advice can speak to every writer, Grillet is a little more unconventional.

    There are not, for a writer, two possible ways to write the same book. When he thinks of a future novel, it is always a way of writing which first of all occupies his mind, and demands his hand. He has in mind certain rhythms of sentences, certain architectures, a vocabulary, certain grammatical constructions, exactly as a painter has in mind certain lines and colors. What will happen in the book comes afterward, as though secreted by the style itself. And, once the work is concluded, what will strike the reader is again this form so may affect to despise, a form whose meaning he often cannot define in any exact way, but which for him will constitute the writer’s individual world. " more in the link above
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