AndrOpen Office 2019-06-22

An OpenOffice based productivity suite for Android devices.

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  1. The Dapper Hooligan
    AndrOpen Office is a version of OpenOffice that's been ported to work on Android devices. As a port, it shares most of the same features and benefits of the PC version of OpenOffice, but with some differences. Some languages require separate downloadable language packs to use effectively, and there are a couple of bugs. For example, the app will reload if your keyboard randomly connects/disconnects, and anything you've written since your last save will be lost when it does this. I'm not sure if this is specific to this app, or an Android bug in general, because the same thing's happened in other programs, but this is easy to mitigate by adjusting your auto-save settings. The base version is free, but does contain ads and disables a couple of features, like cloud support, but is still a capable writing program. Or there is, for a few dollars, an add-on Professional Pack that disables/restores these, as well as adding "other useful functions." This is an app that I've personally been using (with the Professional Pack installed) for about a year now, and have found it works well and helps integrate my mobile work environment with the LibreOffice setup on my desktop.
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