Believability check for Science-fiction and Fantasy

Science- and history-related questions answered for Writers

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  1. Lifeline
    Just stumbled over a great resource: Science in Sci-Fi, Fact in Fantasy

    From their website:
    "Science in Sci-Fi, Fact in Fantasy is a blog series for authors and fans of speculative fiction. Just as science fiction often has roots in hard sciences — physics, astronomy, genetic engineering, microbiology — fantasy world-building relies on everything from economics to military strategy to animal husbandry."

    Have fun!

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  1. Ameshin
    Wow. This is way too useful. Saved!!
  2. VynniL
    I love this Lifeline. I am looking the feudal nobility stuff but I can see it will be a nice resource for both my main project and my side project. THANK YOU. xox
  3. Simpson17866
    I presently have 7 tabs open reading about zombies, viruses, space flight, feudal nobility ... This is going to take a while ;)