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Come, Follow Me, a Story of Pilate and Jesus

How did Pontius Pilate feel about what he had done that first Easter weekend?

  1. Lew
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    Come, Follow Me, a Story of Pilate and Jesus
    Lewis F. McIntyre
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    PAPERBACK DISCOUNTED 30%: www.createspace.com/6771918

    When two Roman soldiers are relieved of their watch on Sunday morning, they are as surprised as the oncoming watch to find they have been standing in front of an open and empty tomb, the rock rolled backā€¦ and unaware when that might have happened! Yet this is just one more crisis for Pontius Pilate, wracked by guilt over his dishonorable act, and puzzled by the political intrigues and mysterious forces that made his actions inevitable. But there is more to follow for him, much more!

    This is a short story of just 47 pages by @Lew Pilate Thumbnail.jpg
    CreateSpace/Lewis McIntyre