David Foster Wallace on how to argue persuasively

2006 interview of David Foster Wallace conducted by Bryan Garner

  1. Steerpike
    "David Foster Wallace, born in 1962, was one of the most respectedwriters of his generation. His novel Infinite Jest was considered by many one of the great English language novels of the late 20th century. In addition to his novels and short stories, Wallace wrote penetrating essays about a wide variety of subjects: philosophy, mathematics and the annual Maine Lobster Festival. But one of his favorite topics was language and what he once described as “the seamy underbelly of U.S. lexicography,” whose perverse politics “reveals ideological strife and controversy and intrigue and nastiness and fervor on a nearly hanging-chad scale.”

    In a lengthy interview in February 2006, Wallace discussed many points of interest to legal writers. It proved to be one of his last long interviews (he committed suicide in September 2008)"

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