Dramatica Story Expert 2014-01-03

Software for novels, plays, scripts, and all your story analysis and development needs

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  1. Wreybies

    From the site:

    Ok, so I had some extra cheese lying around and in the spirit of giving new ideas a go this year, I got the software for my Mac about a month ago after having given the trial version a run. There's a promo code for anyone who's interested, though I cannot guaranty it remains in vigor at the time of your reading this blurb.

    I am still in the stages of learning the software myself and there is something of a learning curve, have no doubt. Many of the terms of which they make use refer to ideas and concepts I know, but under other names. Regardless, the software is NOT write-by-numbers, as I had always imagined such software to be, the usual remarks being something to the tune of, "why would I want something that writes stories for me?" This is not the case in the slightest. If you have no access to classes or have never read any books on novel writing theory, the parts of a novel, how it's laid out, and the different schools of thought regarding the aforementioned, or if you suffer from my stories have great momentum for about 13k words and then they never go anywhere-itus, then perhaps this is something you might wish to look into.

    I will keep updating this resource as I myself get more familiar with the software and am better able to speak with authority on how it may or may not help you. :)

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