Dramatica theory

Dramatica theorizes why stories exist and attempts to outline the processes and dramatic touchpoints

  1. DeadMoon
    The Dramatica theory seems like a good place to go too. The more I look into outline methods the more I see similarities in how they all work. I think of an outline as nothing more then a set of organized thoughts and ideas that can be followed, changed or ignored. I have no problem with writers who do not believe in then or do not use them, but and I may be wrong here, it seems like from the writers I know and writers I talk or read about, is that those who just write freely without any idea of where their going seem to spend much more rewriting and changing their book.

    It's like packing for a far away family vacation. You can take some time early on to make sure you have everything you will need packed and at the ready on your way to novelsville or spend a lot of time going back home for things you forgot...


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