Essay Writing Skills Handbook

University constructed handbook on essay writing.

  1. EFMingo
    The National University Writing Skills Handbook V. 3 is a collection of different in-depth articles on the many aspects of essay writing gathered from university web pages from around the United States. It is comprehensive compilation from some of the best resources to provide the reader accurate information on developing essays. I've used it in my college level essay writing to garner some successful papers and I thought it would be good to share.

Recent Reviews

  1. Chuck_Lowcountry
    I write technical documents and reports as part of my job. The topics outlined in this resource are IMO a good resource in learning the basics of those skills. I didn't find any exercises that provided feedback to the user. I would supplement this with a great deal of technical, academic, and scientific writing and if possible, feedback critical to improving. The videos I skimmed were understandable and informal.
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