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Fate and Fortune: A Collection of Stories 2017-06-14

A collection of short tales that can be enjoyed over an afternoon break

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  1. dbesim
    Member's Book Title::
    Fate and Fortune: A Collection of Short Stories
    Deniz Besim
    Publish Date:
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    Twenty-first Anniversary - Anne forgets an important day in her life but can she convince her husband that she's remembered? Mother Snowman - Amy designs a stunning snowman who comes to life and shows her a world she has never seen before. A Love Despaired - Calum has a secret he intends to tell Marissa. But will revealing his secret destroy their relationship? The Paper - A couple of girls visit a gypsy, both receiving a paper and strict instructions that if not followed, can have dire consequences. Caroline's Witness - The Old Farmer has lost his other half but only his dog knows what's really going on. The Curse of the Stone Statue - A young girl makes her way to an old castle hoping that she'll be the one who can break its haunted spell. The Government Boycott - Miri is in a fight to the death to do something about the oppressive government but when all is said and done will it go her way? A Day in the Life of Malcolm - A homeless man is suspicious of the charity of a well meaning stranger. Lord Medley - An important man is almost burnt to a crisp and Ellie has to find out what is going on.
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