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Galactic Division - Book One: Conscription 1.0

As Milo turns 19, he faces the Conscription lottery. If he loses, he'll join the Galactic Division.

  1. JE Loddon
    Member's Book Title::
    Galactic Division - Book One: Conscription
    JE Loddon
    Publish Date:
    As pacifist Milo turns 19, his turn comes to face the Conscription lottery. If he loses, he'll be forced to join the Galactic Division, and train to fight in an interstellar war.

    Milo lives in 'The Grit'. On a nothing planet in the middle of nowhere, he ekes out a meagre existence, alongside his best and only friend. Their whole lives, they've been far removed from the galactic war raging between mankind, and the alien enemy intent on their destruction. As he turns 19, and his Conscription year arrives, though, Milo can no longer live in blissful ignorance. If his name is drawn for enforced service in the Galactic Division, he'll have to leave his innocent world behind, and prepare for a life of conflict. If his best friend is called up, he'll be left in The Grit on his own. Either way, Milo's life looks likely to change forever.
    JE Loddon


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