1. Corbyn
    Grammarly is a free resource which you can add to your browser or download. They do have a paid version which I am currently testing out. I have to admit that I do like it. It's not a cure-all for bad grammar, but it does help clean things up for those of us who are grammatically challenged.

    In my case, it's helped immensely with passive voice. I point that out because I know it's at the end of my last paragraph. :p

    URL for more info:


    1. Grammarly-logo.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Norahc
    It keeps me on track and hopefully keeps me from sounding less than intelligent.
  2. Glen Barrington
    Glen Barrington
    It's OK for what it is, a quick check on punctuation and grammar check. I tend to stick commas everywhere and it catches that sort of thing
  3. Mark Burton
    Mark Burton
    It picks up on some of the common grammatical issues, but it does not work with quite a number of applications, like Google Docs and yWriter. Another bugbear is that you cannot get it to ignore things it thinks are "errors" and there is a lot of noise as a result. I think is better.
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