Heroes of Terrestia

Five heroes come together in a fantasy apocalytpic wasteland finding new purpose and peace.

  1. Jak of Hearts
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    Heroes of Terrestia
    Juliet Fehrenbacher (Jak of Hearts)
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    The world of Terrestia is a war-torn wasteland ravaged by hoards of demons; a world that is rife with both powerful magics as well as advanced technologies. Outside the safety of the cities, five wanderers come together - each of them seeking their own form of peace. Among them is an heiress to a desert tribe born with a direct link to the deity that presides over the domains of madness and the undead. Her connection proves dangerous when a religious cult hunts her down so that they may use her as part of a ritual to bridge the gap between life and death. The allies, finding friendship and purpose in each other, travel together to protect her from the cult as well as a relentless barbarian assassin.