Infusing micro tension in your work

From C.S. Lakin's Live, write, thrive blog

  1. Lifeline
    Just found this on another blog:

    "Just what is microtension? Just as the prefix suggests, it’s tension on a micro level, or in small, barely noticeable increments. Your big plot twists and reversals and surprises are macro-tension items. But microtension is achieved on a line-by-line basis.
    For example, anytime a character has conflicting feelings, you have microtension. Microtension can be small, simmering, subtext, subtle. Even the choice of words or the turn of a phrase can produce microtension by its freshness or unexpected usage."

    Anyone else use this in their own writing? I have always just referred to 'Associations' when describing this, but I do believe that the term 'micro-tension' describes it better.
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